Missing Dad

My Dad passed away on May 3, 2016 and there isn’t a day since that I don’t think about him. It’s a strange thing when you lose a parent. Once they are gone they seem to be more on your mind than when they were alive. Oh not to say you didn’t think about them while they were living but it’s different when they pass away. You constantly look for little signs that say “I’m still with you”. The cardinals that come to the feeder outside my kitchen window,  the wind chimes that seem to ring when there’s barely a breeze, a post from a friend referencing a song that was their favorite hymn. Signs can be anything that means something to you at anytime and I think they bring comfort as we navigate life without those we love, especially our parents. My dad was a great person. He had so many friends and he lived his life to the fullest. He loved his family. He went on adventures and loved to be on the water. He loved to laugh. He loved my mom. He showed me the qualities I should look for in my own husband. He loved his grandsons. I’m sorry that they didn’t get more time with him. I miss you Dad. We all miss you.


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