The Final Countdown – Sending the Firstborn off to College

It’s almost here. Time to send the oldest to College. As the date of departure moves closer, its evident that he is REALLY ready to leave the old proverbial nest. I cannot ask a question about anything without being told that I am being nosey. Ugh.I have become my own mother. I love her. Really, I do but I so remember thinking how glad I was to finally be on my own when I left for college. It’s hard though. I have been the helicopter mom for so long. I am making every effort to let him handle every detail but  the unknown is making me crazy. It doesn’t help that with social media I can literally find out a lot about his new roommate and jump to all sorts of wild conclusions before we’ve ever even met him.I may have to get off Facebook and Twitter to save my own sanity. My son is awesome, smart, talented and makes good decisions. Now I just have to let him do just that.


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