Documentary Sunday’s

My family is quirky. I’m sure most families can say that but my husband really has some interesting weekend rituals that I think are especially odd. Every weekend he insists on watching a documentary. Usually on Sunday mornings. (During the winter it may be Saturday and Sunday mornings for double the quirkiness!) 

This morning we watched (I usually can sit through these unless they are really awful)  Paul Williams: Still Alive.  

If you are under 40, you probably are unfamiliar with Paul Williams. He is a songwriter/actor responsible for such classics as We’ve Only Just Begun, the Rainbow Connection and the theme to A Star is Born and hundreds of others. Williams is a recovering alcoholic and addict and has been sober for over twenty years. Clearly some of the trip down memory lane was painful for Williams. 

The film was pretty interesting as Williams was a bit of a reluctant subject but the filmmaker, Stephen Kessler, was a childhood fan and eventually wins him over for the project. 

If you grew up in the 70’s and your parents watched Johnny Carson or Hollywood Squares, you might really enjoy watching this.


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