Plexus Anyone? (Not what you may think)

*First let me say that I am not selling anything here. I’m just posting about my experience with this product. 

I heard about Plexus over a year ago from an old high school friend. She was posting lots of info on Facebook and had photos of herself after a nice amount of weight loss. She looked great. I was intrigued but I honestly don’t believe in weight loss supplements. I subscribe to the old philosophy that you need to move more and eat less to attain a healthy body weight. 

That being said, I could stand to lose 15 lbs. I love to eat and I like to drink. I’m also over 40 and my motivation to exercise isn’t at its peak. I walk a few times a week. That’s about it. My friend was really excited about this product that she was now selling and she offered a free sample to the first 3 people who contacted her on her facebook post. Well, curiousity got me. I asked her for a sample. She sent it right away but when I got it, I promptly put it in a kitchen cabinet and forgot all about it. Guess I wasn’t that motivated after all! 

Fast forward to this Fall. I started seeing this product pop up all over FB by several friends. One in particular had been overweight her entire adult life and so was her husband. They had both lost significant amounts of weight and had not changed anything with their lifestyle other than the addition of this product.  I began searching my cabinets for the sample my friend had sent. I would try this miracle product! 

It’s a drink that you have in the morning about 30 minutes to an hour before any meal (or coffee).  

Fast forward again. I’ve been taking this product for three months.While I can say that I did notice a decrease in blood sugar spikes throughout the day, I haven’t lost any weight. Not one pound. Perhaps it’s the fact that I had already eliminated soda from my diet over 10 years ago, perhaps the fact that I had stopped adding sugar to my coffee over 9 months ago and perhaps I had already been making healthier choices is why this product is not causing any weight loss for me. 

If someone is living an unhealthy lifestyle, this may be a catalyst to change that but for myself, I think I’ll just keep my money and do the work of cutting calories and increasing my activity to lose those extra lbs!


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