Airsoft Therapy for Teens

Ok. I’m sure folks may question my sanity but I have a theory and it seems to be working for my family. Airsoft Therapy. If you have boys you may know what I’m talking about. If not, I’ll explain.

Last Christmas, my overgrown kid of a husband decided that our teenage boys needed Airsoft guns. Neither son had ever asked for such a thing and I was not excited by the idea. However, I relented and my husband was quickly on the internet ordering AK’s and pistols and super sized jugs of Airsoft pellets. What had I just agreed to?

Well, Christmas morning came and went and no Airsoft Guns. Nothing. That was a bummer for my husband. But low and behold a few days later the weapons of little destruction arrived in all there plastic glory!! It was the most exciting day for my husband. My boys looked at them with curiosity but not much zeal. My oldest son wanted nothing to do with the guns. (That’s my boy!!) My younger son was intrigued and with encouragement from his dad he went off into the back yard ready to shoot. He and my husband built targets and had fun shooting them full of holes.
Fast forward to this past weekend. My youngest son had a friend over after school. They played some video games and had dinner and then they shot Airsoft guns at our Apple trees. They had fun and it got them outside! Any activity that pulls my kids away from the video games/ Internet, I’m all for it!! It also serves as a good stress reliever when someone has had a hard day in middle school… And that’s therapeutic for son and mom!



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