Taking care of family

My mom is special. I know we all feel that way about our mothers don’t we? My mother is a giver. She thrives on helping others. She’s a friend you want to have. Everyone loves her. She takes care of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s. She is involved in many groups and volunteers with several organizations. She’s always been there for me. That’s why when she told me she needed to have surgery. I said I’ll be there. Let’s face it. Surgery can be risky and things happen all the time in hospitals. No guarantees. As my husband likes to say “Why do you think they refer to medicine as a practice?” Ok. Point taken. So I flew home and woke up at 4:45 am to go to the hospital with my mom and dad. I think dad was glad to have some company during the 5 hour surgery and I felt better knowing he could go home and get some sleep in his own bed after such an early start to a long day too.
During the course of our 33 hours at the hospital, I had two cafeteria meals (😝) and an evening snack, “slept” in a recliner with nursing staff checking in at 2 hour intervals for beeping iv drips, bed alarms, Bp checks and the like. My mom came through her procedure like a champ and we got to come home today. A lovely homemade dinner made by a few of my mom’s friends was so appreciated and I know we will all sleep soundly tonight and mom is on the road to recovery.

IMG_1506.JPG This is the hospital breakfast I got yesterday..


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