Remember when life was simple?

Ahh yes.Those were the days weren’t they? Back in a time I will refer to as “Pre Cell Phone”. As I left my house this morning to run a couple of errands, I realized that I had forgotten my phone.The anxiety was immediate. I thought, do I go back home and get it? If I do, I’ll be late to where I am going. No. Do not go back for it. YOU WILL LIVE. Really. I didn’t go back home and I ran my errands. I was free. No one could reach me for a whole hour. Pretty liberating. I think I liked it. I think I will make it a habit. Guess what? No one called me anyway! When did everyone become so important that they needed to be reachable 24/7? Just because you can be reached doesn’t mean you should always be available…that’s what Voicemail is for isn’t it?


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