Road Trips Aren’t Our Thing..

So as I’m currently rolling south towards my childhood family home in Texas, I thought this was a good opportunity to write about how terrible my family is at road trips.
I grew up taking road trips. Really long road trips. It’s what I knew. That’s how we travelled. My husband who has three siblings was raised the same way. Long cross country road trips. In a station wagon. Flying wasn’t an affordable option for a family of six . My family just enjoyed driving. I guess. I only have one sister but she’s awesome!
I’m not sure what the reasoning is but my family really doesn’t travel by car. We fly everywhere. Only exception is traveling to my parents. It’s about 8 hours by car from our house. I know many people who enjoy much longer road trips than that.
Our family starts a road trip with a search for Dramamine. I won’t name which family member requires it, but I’m sitting in the backseat typing a blog post so you can bet it’s not me.
Next, we have to go through the house about ten times to check the lights, locks, set the alarm, empty all trash and basically secure our mighty fortress in the event of a zombie apocalypse while we are away. Now not to forget Phil who has to go to the vet for boarding because he wouldn’t enjoy the long road trip. (He also happens to be blind so taking him to an unfamiliar house would just be cruel) This entails packing up his medications and food and enduring the five minute trip to the vets office with all of his 35 lbs securely planted on my lap while I’m driving. You really have to see it yourself to believe it. He’s very figgity too.. Good times! Finally let’s gas up the car. Almost ready. Now we have to squeeze my Hubby’s golf clubs in with our bevy of soft sided luggage. How many days are we staying? Oops. Out of Dramamine. Got to stop at the drugstore. I’m unanimously voted to go in because I’m the fastest. Standing in line to check out with my ONE item. The lady in front if me with her child can’t seem to figure out the credit card machine and she’s buying a bag of ice!My family’s waiting in the car. So much for being speedy. We are really ALMOST ready. Finally in the car headed south….road construction. Omg. Is this shit for real? Hubs is driving and he doesn’t sit still for no one. Such a rebel, my man. He takes the first left he can and heads to the next major thoroughfare towards the highway..this would be ingenious if he actually had gotten into the left lane. He turns right and starts heading west. Thankfully my oldest son calls his attention to the snafu (so I didn’t have to) and another quick exit to get headed in the right direction. Wow. Do you want to know what time we finally got on the highway today? It was after noon! See what I mean? Road trips are not our thing…I’m glad I told my folks not to count on us for dinner….



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