HBO, I love you.

It’s been a few years since my household has had a subscription to a cable movie channel. I mean who really needs it when there is Netflix, Redbox and Apple TV? At least that’s how my husband sees it. I have to agree somewhat. How many movies and television can anyone really watch? In an effort to control how many of our hard earned dollars we give to the cable tv monopoly, we cut back to standard cable.
That was until two weeks ago. As is pretty typical, we have an internet cable “bundle” and our high speed internet was giving us some trouble so my husband called customer service. His best effort on a Saturday night was unsuccessful. In disgust he was ready to get rid of the cable all together in protest for the internet service difficulties. He was “disconnected” after at least 40 min on the phone with customer service. #%*!
Flash forward to Monday afternoon. I called the cable company to request a service call to move our internet outlet. 10 min later, I had an appointment for the next afternoon, a credit to our cable bill and a subscription to HBO for $10 a month less than we had been spending! We also enjoyed Showtime free for a weekend. Total score! We’ve been enjoying movie after movie after movie without leaving the house….and as a side note, the wifi has never worked better.


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