I like everything to do with food.

Ok, I know this isn’t anything earth shattering or maybe even inspiring but I am pretty much driven by food. Not in the literal “energy” sense. I am fixated by what I cook, order or see on TV and in other’s blogs. I love the look of food. I love movies that are about food and cooking. Can you be addicted to the sight of food? Is recipe reading a problem in America? I love reading and printing recipes with the intention of preparing these items. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I wish I was paid for printing out and sharing recipes. I do know that I post many pictures of food and beverages on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Am I the only one?


It’s Complicated has several great food scenes…..my favorite is when Meryl Streep and Steve Martin make chocolate croissants in her bakery after a party..

Then of course there is Julie & Julia. LOVE this movie. I think I may love Meryl Streep too. She is perfect as Julia Child!!

Like Water for Chocolate was probably the most romantic movie my husband and I have ever seen. It’s in subtitles and really beautiful.

My own photography won’t win any awards but here is a sampling of the food pics I have posted over the years….

Tori's Phone_000629

Tori's Phone_000251 Parmesan risotto with peas.....yum. Easy and the family loves it. ??????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????. Tori's Phone_000598 Tori's Phone_000621 66515_1614490931677_1518429363_1512645_7140879_n 68789_1622603814494_1518429363_1527418_310759_n 73579_1617573928750_1518429363_1519383_378610_n


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