Did that really just happen?

I happen to think I am a very thoughtful social media subscriber. I don’t stalk celebrities, I don’t use foul language or post inappropriate content, I don’t friend my kids friends and I am in general a broadcaster of information that I think may be useful to my friends and followers and things that make me happy or I find interesting.
I also happen to have a theory about social media posts and texts. You cannot always “hear” the tone that someone’s written words are written in.
That being said, I think I may have encountered my first negative twitter response. The worst part? It was from a CELEBRITY.Wow.
I’ve been on Facebook and Twitter since 2009. I am a very open book and while I enjoy making several postings a day on Facebook, it has taken me a much longer time to warm up to my Twitter account. I’d post things occasionally but not to the same extent.
Recently, I’ve been administrating a Twitter account for an event that is sponsored by my son’s high school. As the administrator, I knew that it was very important to spread the information for the event far and wide and to do so would require posting frequently and following many, many schools and school programs.
That kind of got my adrenaline pumping for the whole tweet phenomenon. So yesterday a tweet came on my feed about something that I recently had blogged about here. A movie that I thought was fantastic. An actor (not in the movie) tweeted a comment and I replied. The actor did not like my response and tweeted me back with a very curt response in kind. I thought my comment was “tongue in cheek” but I guess it wasn’t received that way. Again, you can never tell the TONE that the tweet was written in, but I have a feeling that he was miffed. You be the judge.


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