Life Skills for the “Almost Adult”

Very well put and I might add that it would also be beneficial for our young people to learn how to move the dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher, how to properly put away freshly laundered clothing (I am probably getting ahead of myself here by assuming that they will actually DO the laundry) and of course remembering to call Mom! 🙂

Snarky in the Suburbs

0715567c58d22f82f78795703a4cc413I have a son who has recently graduated high school and while I’m proud of his academic knowledge (aka book learning) I feel he, along with his peers, are woefully undereducated in the real life arena. This has prompted me to compile a list of skills I need to make sure my son knows before he heads off to college. Not wanting to hoard my treasure trove of wisdom I’ve decided to gift you with my To Do’s.

How to change a toilet paper roll – Forget about the score you made on the SAT’s. If you want to really impress me change the toilet paper roll. It requires a minimum of fine motor skills and is really quite self-explanatory. The brown cardboard toilet paper shell is not an eye-catching, long-term, decorative accessory for the bathroom. It’s the universal sign that it’s time for a new roll of TP. I…

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