Let me tell you about Phil..

Recently I have been very worried about my youngest boy, Phil. He has been having a lot of coughing spasms lately and seems to be short of breath. He has lost most of his vision and sometimes he slips going down stairs and he never wants to leave my side.
Phil is our ten year old Cocker Spaniel. We adopted him two years ago this month from Great Plains SPCA. I saw his video on their website and I just knew we had to bring him home to live with us. There were a few issues to be dealt with right off the bat. Phil (previously named Dell) has KCS. It is a chronic dry eye condition that requires a rather pricey eye ointment which needs to be administered twice daily. No big deal. I was up for it. As my children are getting less dependent, it’s nice to be needed right? The first few days were a bit rocky. Phil had nervous diarrhea in the house a few times. Yuck. I had forgotten how demanding a new pet could be!
Thankfully for all, Phil settled in and became número uno in our household. He’s sweet, loving and lives for walks and treats.
Last summer after returning from our vacation, I noticed Phil “gagging” and took him to see our vet. We deduced that he must have contracted Bordatella. We have him vaccinated against that every six months ( our groomers/ boarding facility requires this) They put him on a round of antibiotics. Nothing. Then steroids, still no relief. We decided perhaps he has reflux. I gave him Prevacid and it seemed to help but only for a few days. Now we have had two chest films that were inconclusive. The consensus is that perhaps he has COPD now. It can be irritated by smoke, aerosols, perfumes. (We do not smoke but even smoke from the stove can be an irritant!) We are trying to keep him out of bathrooms and away from any irritants. Poor baby. He is now on another round of antibiotics and steroids and I’m to check in with the vet on Friday to report how he’s doing. So far there’s not been much improvement..


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