Father’s Day 2014

20140615-153424-56064194.jpgToday I simply want to give thanks for the wonderful fathers in my life. First, my dad. He’s the man who showed me how a man should treat me. Thank You!!! He’s wise, loving, compassionate, faithful and has a true sense of adventure! From scuba diving, sailing, water & snow skiing, I love and admire his zeal for living life to the fullest. He also happens to be a wonderful grandfather to my two boys.

The second father in my life , the father of my children, is my husband. He is a wonderful human being. When my oldest son joined the scouts, my husband started camping. It wasn’t his “thing”, but he did it with enthusiasm and a smile. He even spent quite a few days and nights at scout camp over the years. When our youngest son took up baseball, he rarely missed a game. (The freezing cold ones and the scorching hot ones) When there were swim meets, he was there, orchestra concerts, choir concerts, science fairs, he has been there. I’m so grateful for the loving example he has set for our boys. They will be better men and fathers themselves someday.

Lol….Here is a very recent picture of my parents following¬†an afternoon of canoeing with their good friends. They tipped the canoe and mom lost a shoe!! They are a hoot!




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