Take your kids out…..

Ok, so I’m back from my lovely but too short Florida vacation and it’s been a busy week. My oldest son got his braces off! Ta da! So happy that we won’t be getting Senior pictures with those on. He looks great! Now let’s hope he doesn’t lose the almighty important retainer…

One of our favorite musicians came to town this week and I was really hoping that we could get tickets to see him. As “connected” as I feel like I am in the world, somehow I missed the show announcement and ticket sales last March.(Maybe I was on that Spring Break College Visit trip) Bummer. But wait! On Monday I received a telephone call from the venue where he was to perform with an offer of a couple of “just added” tickets for purchase! (I had called the Symphony box office a month or so ago when I found out about the show and got on the wait list) It paid off!  So my oldest son and I went and it was a total blast! The tickets were amazingly close to the stage and it was a fabulous show. Who did we see? The Ben Folds’ Orchestra Experience. If he comes to your town, GO SEE IT! Take your kids! Especially if they’ve never been to a Symphony before!

I’m a believer that your kids need to “get out” and do something everyday during the summer. Especially if they are too young to work (or just don’t have a job currently) and spend a lot of time being “plugged in”. Some day’s it’s going to the grocery store, other days we might go get Starbucks or frozen yogurt or bowling. Sort of like a field trip. Just getting out of their surroundings for an hour or two seems to really keep the harmony in the house. So yesterday I was scheduled a little busier than a typical summer day and when I was finished with my obligations I decided I really wanted to see Chef, the new Jon Favreau film. My husband was out-of-town on business so I told my boys, we are going to see a movie at 5:00. Get ready.

Amazingly, they were both up for it with no convincing or discussion. It was one of the best films we have seen in a long time! Funny, poignant and just makes you feel good! (If not hungry! Eat before you go) We all loved it! I will tell you that there was some dancing in the movie theater seats by members of my family. (No, not just me)

Afterward we came back home and the boys plugged back in to their virtual reality but for two hours they were with me enjoying an experience that made us all smile..


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