Sunshine! (Finally)

Well the sun finally showed itself! Three days in to our Florida vacation! We all very diligently applied sunscreen and went out to the pool and beach. 4 hours later, came back to our suite and mama has an oddly placed couple of “stripes” near her neck. Awesome. Really? All I wanted was a nice golden glow. I’m not asking a lot here. Sunburn? Ugh. I’m sure that it will be a lovely peeling mess by the time we head home in a couple of days.

On a positive note, we are all really enjoying the resort here, Casa Ybel is fantastic. Great service, wonderful food and a beautiful beach front suite with all the amenities you would need with a family of four.

Last night after a delightful dinner at Thistle Lodge, I convinced my guys to go see Maleficent with me at the Island Cinema. The theater was clean and modern if not a bit small. If you go, give yourself a good twenty minutes to get tickets and seats. We had a great time.

After the movie we stopped in to the market next door and picked up some Key Lime pie. (Of course!) Then we came back to our suite and played spades and had pie! Very relaxing day indeed!!



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