Summer is finally here…

So this is the first full week of summer in our household. Time for the family to relax the pace a bit and no annoying early alarm clocks! Wahoo! That being said, my oldest son woke up very early the first three days of this week to go for a morning jog. That lasted until yesterday. I’m guessing that his sleep clock is getting re-calibrated now. My youngest son, who never wakes even to an alarm, has continued with his normal sleep routine which is to stay in bed until Mom comes and drags him out of it. We’ve had one trip to the mall, friends over for the afternoon and our regularly scheduled piano lesson. Tonight the boys will go to Friday Night Magic (Magic the Gathering) and my husband and I will most likely watch a movie and enjoy adult beverages in the comfort of our den.

Sounds pretty tame/lame, huh? But wait. SUNDAY is the start of our Vacation!! Sun, fun and sand! Sanibel Island, Florida here we come! It’s been a couple of years since we have hit the beach and I am so excited! We have a Mustang Convertible waiting and we will be staying at the Casa Ybel Resort and Spa in our own beachfront condo. Ahhhhh! Take me away!

Time for the family to unplug from all our portable electronics and get some fresh sea air and sunshine. Mama needs a tan!

To be continued…..



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