College Visits

My oldest son is 17 now. Wow. How did that happen? Seems like only yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and had the most terrifying/sleepless night of our lives!  My husband likes to tell the story of my mother showing up the next evening after work and how thrilled and happy he was to see her! He already needed a break! Nothing REALLY prepares you for parenthood. Right? Then in a blink of an eye, they are almost grown and ready to face the world. Well, in our case we still have his Senior Year but then it’s off to college! Where will he choose to go? Will he get a scholarship? Will he choose to go 3000 miles away? That remains to be seen but we have been visiting some campuses to get a “feel” for what he might be looking at. There are certainly plenty of choices out there! My son has a few items on his list of deal breakers. Of course exceptions do exist. His top three requirements for choosing a school as of this post are 1)Warmer winter climate than Kansas City  2)No declaring a Major until Sophomore year 3)Excellent Performing Arts Center.  Ok. Got it. We should only look at small liberal arts schools in the South with great theater departments. So where did I take him? Texas of course! That is not to say that we haven’t considered some other regions. Clearly the Ivy League schools are not in the South but those will be our “reach” schools. He would probably be flexible if say, Princeton were to send him an acceptance letter! 

I have really enjoyed our trips to visit colleges. I will treasure the one-on-one time with the wonderful young man he has grown up to be. The next few months will be crazy and exciting and fleeting. For now I will just be thankful that I am allowed to be along for the ride.Image


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